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Inserted in the province of Terni, on the border with it tuscia
Viterbo, Jupiter (292 m) is nestled among the green
Amelia hills of the district, which slope
towards the valley Teverina.
From its balcony overlooking the alluvial, the
village overlooking the valley below the Tiber River Rhine,
embracing a single glance the wide panorama that goes
from Orte, Orvieto, a delicious Glance Mountains
Cimini and the nearby hills of Lazio.
That the hills amerini is a land rich in artistic values??,
history and culture, inextricably linked to the nature and
love for their land, where agriculture plays
still a unique role in the local economy.
The landscape is characterized by stretches of vineyards, olive groves and
orchards, crops still practiced on the basis of ancient
traditions, in full compliance with local knowledge and
methods of land use wisely used
by our ancestors.

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